Discovery management defined.

Foresight: A New Approach to Discovery Management

Foresight provides project managers and counsel with tools designed to manage the tasks associated with the eDiscovery process and a structured process for managing it. Foresight is the “Where have you been?” solution the industry has needed to make eDiscovery a formalized, documented and efficient business process. It is eDiscovery management in one spot, available through a browser, and at low subscription prices. It is the one solution that project managers need to do their jobs. 

Foresight’s tools enable project managers to gather the information needed to set realistic case budgets. It includes flexible online forms and surveys used to gather key information about custodian data at case inception, and mechanisms to distribute these documents.  It streamlines the contracting process and centralizes communications thus avoiding endless phone calls, e-mails, and the continual distribution of Word and Excel files. It provides project managers and counsel with an ability to update case variables as information is developed, to control the bidding process, the bid formats, and to easily compare vendor quotes. 

Foresight also contains tools designed to control the collection process and the costs associated with it, including a structure to organize custodians and document where data is stored so that collections can be prepared, scheduled, and done with minimal business disruption and so that data collections are tracked and documented from start to finish. 

Foresight provides users with tools to organize, track and preserve information about data as it is processed, reviewed and analyzed and to preserve information about the justification for decisions made about the data throughout the process. It is a repository for contact and project information so that personnel changes do not cause delays as new team members sift through hundreds of unsegregated documents contained in multiple formats and in multiple systems just to determine what has been done and what is supposed to be done next. 

Finally, Foresight connects the contract unit prices to the work order system so that target and actual costs are tracked and monitored throughout the process regardless of the type of work being done or who is doing the work

Organizational Level Management


Client Management

Foresight provides a simple to use client database that stores contacts at both the client and project level.


Service Provider Management

Choose service providers; develop standard quote templates and set values for volume estimates.


Administrative Libraries

Keep community documents (billing procedures, processing specifications) up-to-date and easily accessible.


Online Project Quotes

Send standardized quote metrics to service providers; collect responses for analysis, graphical display and selection.


Project Level Management


Online Survey System

Create online custodian and technical specifications, distribute them and review responses by custodian or in the aggregate by issue.


Custodian Manager

Keep track of custodians, their devices and other data sources.


Work Order System

Contract pricing terms are calculated by work order so that project costs are known, tracked and displayed as your project progresses.


Resource Management

Quickly and easily add new team members and get them up-to-speed on your project’s history and status.

Hosting Platform

Hosted on Amazon’s Web Services EC2 platform.

Redundant access points and enterprise class backup routine.

24×7 server and software support.

SSL level security.


Microsoft SQL.

ASP.NET 4.6, MVC 5, jQuery, Bootstrap, C# and CSS3

Works on all of the major web browsers.

Accessible on mobile devices.

User Accounts

Unlimited, no cost access for attorneys, clients and service providers.

Project level access is controlled by the project manager.

New additions to the team can quickly review the project history and be up to speed in just minutes.


Coming Soon – Collection Manager

Foresight’s Collection Manager is a new module that will streamline the data collection process. Collection Manager will include Discovery Footprint, an application that automates the collection of information from custodian devices such as the size of target hard drives, the type of operating systems being used, and the identity of installed applications. Collection Manager will load the information into Foresight for review and analysis, for online scheduling and application tracking. Collection Manager is designed to make the collection process more efficient and to reduce reliance on custodian provided information. It will enable project managers to make smart and cost-effective decisions about collection methods and to avoid delays and client-side business disruptions.

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